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Aariya Securities will help you to achieve your investment objectives. Whether you are an individual, we will tailor our services to suit you.

The great advantage of using Aariya Securities is that our services are carefully tailored to your specific financial circumstances and objectives. We treat you as an individual, in terms of the personal attention you receive as well as the investment solutions we propose... read more
New Stock Market Operational Dates
With reference to MMA (no.: IL-ADM/2020/20) announcement dated 09th April 2020, please be advised that the stock market operation shall continue on 13th, 14th, and 16th April 2020.
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Our investment professional’s work in teams dedicated to particular sets of clients. Within Aariya Securities we have an experienced, in-house research department keeping our Investment Managers and Stockbrokers up-to-date with market developments and individual stock analysis.


Daily Trading Updates

Realtime stock quotes as per the MSE Trading Board (www.mse.com.mv)
Relocation Announcement
MTDC earns Rf75,038 as Q3 clear profit
Applications open to provide Sharia-compliant securities
BML changes policy on issuing Cheque books
Dhiraagu shares ready for trading
MTCC faced a loss of 5.5 million MRF
Dhiraagu started to accept IPO applications
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